British businesses have been assured they will be making the right choice if they opt to purchase a set of Nokia mobile phones for professional purposes.

Ian, author of the latest Nokia Conversations blog, says the brand’s portfolio of Symbian-powered devices are ideal for making presentations.

Indeed, a number of new features enhance the functionality of the handsets in this area.

The author notes one common problem to be avoided is the decision to prepare a presentation on a phone.

Ian advises not to, stating no mobile screen can ever compete with a laptop, so instead create the production on a computer and then transfer it to a Nokia model.

“This is both speedy and also allows you to work with a single document on both your computer and your mobile device, rather than having multiple duplicates and the chance of mistakes,” he writes.

Among the latest Nokia devices that may interest firms are the N8 and the C7.

Written by Mazuma

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