The public sector needs to be encouraged to adopt more ecologically-focused principles when it comes to technology, it has been advised.

In comments which may inspire some firms to recycle mobilephones, a spokesman for, a publication which specialises in boosting the green credentials of businesses, talked about some recently-announced eco-plans.

He explained the government’s Greening ICT Strategy was one example of proof that companies could be convinced to opt for more efficient systems and equipment.

"A lot of people thought it was a really good piece of work, the targets were well thought out. The whole thing does look pretty good and the government insists they will still hit those targets, so all is not lost," he added.

Of course, for firms looking to trade in used mobiles to pay for newer models, one environmentally-friendly option would be the Motorola Renew W233.

The handset is partially made from recycled plastic bottles and is built to a carbon-neutral standard.

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