People who sell mobiles are among those warned that broadband internet is now an essential part of everyday life.

Edd Dawson, editor at, explained many young people now consider access to the fastest web connections as the norm.

He suggested surfing the net is now a common activity and one that, if missing, can have an impact on an individual’s quality of life.

“If you aren’t online you are missing out on so many opportunities nowadays, in terms of media consumption, on-demand things like iPlayer [or] on-demand TV,” Mr Dawson stated.

When selling mobiles, it may be worth considering the importance of internet connectivity when selecting a replacement handset.

The web can also be used for games, browsing, downloading music and searching for the latest apps.

Juniper Research recently noted that one growing use of mobile phones is to visit gambling websites, with bookmakers Ladbrokes and William Hill reporting a steep increase in visitors to their online portals.

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