People in the UK who suffer from a speech impairment and find it difficult to put their point across may be able to benefit from trading-in their mobile and upgrading to an Apple iPhone.

That is because a new app has been developed for the model that allows those with problems to communicate through picture messages and typed-in sentences, reports the BBC.

It was created by Hugh McEvoy, whose 21-year-old son Karl has dystonia – which can sometimes prevent him from using his tongue effectively.

"Anyone who has difficulty speaking can use the application. They can make up their own library of most-used sentences. It's all unique to them on their iPhone," the developer tells the news source.

Mr McEvoy adds it is not only individuals with dystonia who can benefit from his work, as it is also suitable for people with all types of speech impairments.

An app named Word Lens was recently released, offering users the ability to instantly translate foreign languages into English using the iPhone's camera.

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