Almost three-quarters of people in the UK are reliant on devices like mobile phones and tablets on a day-to-day basis, as they increasingly depend on technology for productivity and entertainment.

Halifax Home Insurance spokesperson Martyn Foulds said: "We are a switched on nation, increasingly reliant on gizmos and gadgetry to help us stay connected and communicate."

Many owners of modern handsets like the Apple iPhone 5 use their mobile multiple times before even leaving the house each morning, whether it is to check the weather, read the news or send an email.

Brits then access their smartphone throughout the day to check their schedule, call and message friends, or play games and watch movies on the commute.

As devices become more sophisticated, they are offering owners a wider range of features which can make going about daily tasks more convenient and enjoyable.

Availability of useful tools through multimedia storefronts like the App Store and Google Play is also ever-expanding, and possibilities are almost endless.

Posted by Claire Marshall

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