More than one-in-seven Brits decided to sell an old mobile phone through a recycling website in 2012, perhaps in order to make cash and benefit the environment.

Consumers who take advantage of these eco-friendly services can trade-in unused handsets that have been sitting in drawers for money or retail vouchers.

They can also put their mind at rest knowing that parts will be reused responsibly, as the chemicals in gadget components can be extremely harmful to the Earth.

Two-thirds of the adult population took to selling unwanted items last year, perhaps as the high cost of living and limited wage rises continue to take their toll on budgets.

On average, those who opted to take advantage of services claim to have pocketed £106.15 across the 12-month period, according to thinkmoney.

Almost a fifth generated between £101 and £250 by getting rid of unused goods, and four per cent made an impressive £500.

Posted by Peter Robinson

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