The effect that smartphones have had on our lives is clear to see, and new research has revealed that Britons are glued to theirs for 23 days out of a year.

A study by showed that we spend around 90 minutes every day sending texts, making calls, checking social media updates and playing games.

This is equivalent to 32,850 minutes each year, or 3.9 years during the average adult lifetime.

“I was amazed to see how much we use our mobile phones over the course of a year and even our whole adult lifetime. To see that we text, call, browse the net, use apps, take pictures and more for almost four years in our lifetime is astounding,” said Jason Brockman, director of the organisation.

With this in mind it is no wonder that Britons constantly look to recycle their mobile phones every couple of years in order to get the very latest technology at their fingertips.

Posted by Peter Robinson

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