People in the UK prepared to trade in their mobile phones and switch to another deal may find they can benefit significantly over the coming weeks.

Tristia Clarke, commercial director at TalkTalk and author of the company's latest blog, said Ofcome's decision to reduce mobile termination rates will be good news for customers.

She suggested one of the most noticeable effects will be the emergence of great-value offers from firms that are committed to offering the best tariffs.

"With 200 mobile minutes available for just £4.99 a month, the average customer, even on our best rates, will save £20 a month and will never have to worry about the cost of calling mobiles," Ms Clarke stated.

She added there is even a 100-minute package available for £2.99 a month and, since its launch in October, it is said to have saved users a total of £1.3 million.

Mobile termination rates are charged by all operators every time a mobile user on a different network connects to their system.

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