A mobile phone news application called Summly, which was developed by a British teenager, is taking the Apple App Store chart by storm.

The tool uses an algorithm to develop summarised versions of news stories from across the globe, using reliable sources like the Wall Street Journal.

Smartphone tools are usually utilised on the go, so the succinctness will appeal to many people.

Apple iPhone owners can download the tool from the App Store for free. Users who have already installed Summly have rated it three stars.

It has currently reached number 87 on the Apple free app chart, behind tools like YouTube, which takes the top spot, and Facebook. However, it reportedly debuted in the top 20.

Many people now choose to consume news on their mobile phone, through apps like BBC News or on websites like guardian.co.uk.

Those who purchase new Windows Phone 8 (WP8) smartphones like the HTC 8X or Nokia Lumia can even get immediate news updates on their homescreen thanks to Live Apps.

Posted by Claire Marshall

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