Some of the advantages of owning a mobile phone are obvious and appreciated by consumers across the country, but one many have probably not considered is the ability to get out of awkward social situations.

But that is exactly what a new app launched by Nokia offers, explains Ian, author of the Nokia Conversations blog.

Desguiator allows users to set their mobile to ring at a moment's notice if they perform a certain movement, such as tapping it.

Owners of Nokia phones can then pretend to take an important call and subsequently make their excuses and leave the engagement they are at.

Such technology may prove perfect for those who have a habit of going on disastrous dates, or even for people with a host of tedious activities they are expected to be part of.

Among the Nokia devices that could come under consideration for those planning to buy from the brand are the 5250, released in recent weeks, as well as the upcoming N8.

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