Those with the latest phones may be interested to hear that EA’s new adaptation of a classic board game is a hit.

Pocket Gamer’s Keith Andrew looked at the publisher’s attempts to “breathe new life” into Monopoly and concludes that this has largely been a big success.

He explains that while it is often very difficult to build on such British favourites as the property and finance-based trading game, by changing the basic playing set up of it they have made it ideal for those on the go.

Combining some of the traditional elements of Monopoly with a faster, card-based approach means the resulting mobile incarnation has “a brilliant set-up”, although it is noticed this could be seen as a drawback.

“Play is so good, so tight and so absorbing that the fact it only takes three full sets to win actually tends to kill off the game when the going is just getting good,” he concludes.

Monopoly is available for a host of platforms, joining other titles that have been converted from their original board-based versions like Scrabble.

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