Blackberry chief executive Thorsten Heins has revealed the company is developing ways for smartphones to power electronic devices like laptops and tablets.

Talking about the launch of the Blackberry Z10 mobile phone Mr Heins announced to ABC news that users are fed up of carrying numerous devices and there was no reason why one smartphone couldn't do it all.

He said: "We are talking about a mobile-computing experience that makes sure that for you as a user, you only have to carry one computing device." Mr Heins went on to promise that he was going to make lives much more easier for people.

Although a similar concept has been attempted before – although it didn't succeed – by American company Motorola with its Atrix range, Blackberry don't seem to be put off.

Mr Heins announced that further information would come from the Blackberry Live Expo in May held in Florida. He added that he was working on various ideas on how it would work but said "allow me to not comment on those in depth".

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