A new article may interest those looking to sell mobilephones to buy the one of the latest devices from Research In Motion (RIM).

In a piece for infoSynch World, it was noted the BlackBerry Storm follow up represents a combination of touchscreen technology and more traditional options by including a more tactile click when its front panel is depressed.

The device was also praised for providing “a nice range of features” including video playback that is even capable of topping the Apple iPhone 3G S, while the call quality was also highlighted for its clarity.

Users of Apple Mac computers may welcome the desktop software, which links address book and calendar facilities, but this was described as less comprehensive than its Windows-based rival.

“The music features on the BlackBerry Storm2 were also solid,” it concluded, “pulling our music and even playlists from our iTunes library and synchronising them with the device.”

RIM announced the device this month and it is now available for pre-order on Vodafone.

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