Mobile phone manufacturer BlackBerry may be struggling to stay afloat but a new software update indicates that the Canadian manufacturer isn’t down and out just yet.

Although the release of its BlackBerry 10 operating system wasn’t incredibly successful, the company has decided to launch a new version taking it to 10.2.1. The download has already started rolling out to BlackBerry customers around the world and brings a number of fixes and features to the software.

One of the new features, that the company is hoping will save its dwindling operating system, is the ‘picture password’, which allows access to your handset by dragging the correct number over the correct part of an image.

It allows you to answer a call by swiping to the left or reject it by doing it the right, the update also introduces a number of new intuitive icons when you receive a call. As well as this, there is a new device and battery monitor, which gives you details about the processor power, battery life and storage.

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