People who have recently sold a mobile phone and would like to join the tablet revolution could choose a BlackBerry PlayBook as its replacement.

The device finally went on sale in the UK yesterday (June 16th) and it has already been backed by one expert.

David Akka, managing director of Magic Software, described it as an innovative tablet that looks set to shake up the market.

"Tablets are increasingly becoming part of the corporate world, offering flexibility and mobility and an enviable set of business functions," he stated.

Mr Akka went on to suggest that the PlayBook faces stiff competition in the form of the Apple iPad, but it is sure to make an impression nonetheless.

It may trigger a decision from many people who have been waiting to see what the leading brands would release in response to the iPad.

Earlier this year, Apple released the second version of its tablet after a lavish launch ceremony in California.

Posted by Samantha Green

Written by Mazuma

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