Mobile phone developers have been reminded to provide apps for those with a BlackBerry device, as they are almost as likely as iPhone owners to access their accounts.

Alexander Hesse, writing for Forrester Blogs, says 28 of the 42 largest European banks offer banking apps for the revolutionary Apple handset, but just 12 provide the same to BlackBerry consumers.

While the author admits it is more difficult to browse the net on a BlackBerry, he says owners typically wish to visit their bank accounts just as much as iPhone users.

"Mobile banking apps for BlackBerry that deliver a compelling user experience would thus have a large potential user base," Mr Hesse concludes.

He puts this down to BlackBerry owners often being young and wealthy, which means they should also have a desire for banking apps.

IFA Life last week released the first of three apps aimed at independent financial advisers, which are said to keep those in the financial industry up with the latest news.

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