Those looking to recycle mobilephones to buy a new BlackBerry may be buoyed by a review posted on the Mobile Burn website this week.

In the article, Michael Oryl considered the pros and cons of the latest contract options to be added to the Vodafone line of Research In Motion handsets.

The BlackBerry Curve 8520 was highlighted for being a cheaper option than its 8900 sibling, but still boasting the full-qwerty keyboard the manufacturer’s third generation devices were now known for.

Mr Oryl added: “The BlackBerry Curve 8520, from Research In Motion, turns out to be both an excellent smartphone and a pretty darn good deal.”

He went on to praise the weight of the model, which is “slightly lighter” than the 8900 and addressed the “tactile click” of the buttons which was a welcome inclusion.

One thing not featured on the phone is the trackball featured on most new BlackBerry mobiles, although it was advised this was missed the replacement trackpad “works quite well”.

Vodafone announced the availability and pricing of the BlackBerry Curve 8520 earlier this week.

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