Blackberry has confirmed that its Z10 and Q10 mobile phones have passed security tests from the Pentagon.

Concerns emerged earlier this year that the Canadian firm's latest operating system BB10 had not passed the extensive checks needed for government authorisation.

However, this announcement quashes those rumours which couldn't have come at a better time as yesterday it was released that both Samsung and Apple had been granted the same level of security.

It means that the Blackberry Z10 and Q10, alongside Apple iPhones with the latest operating system and Samsung devices enabled with its "Knox" security, can be used by government officials.

The BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 has also been given the go ahead for use in the Pentagon.

Only time will tell on which company the American government will favour as it currently uses a mix of all three. However if Blackberry do lose a portion of the dominance it currently has, it could bode badly for the firm.

Posted by Simon Thomas

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