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Looking for a new app to enrich your mobile experience? Not sure what it is you're looking for? Well, stop the press. We've had a look around and spotted three – one for each of the big players – that we think are worth an investment.

One of them solves your mathematical problems, the other allows you to edit text images and share them and the other lets your compose electro music.



This is one of those apps that will, for one reason or another, remind people of their experience of maths back at school, college or university.

The team behind PhotoMath describe it as the "smartest camera calculator", a very bold and distinct claim to say the least. This they attribute to the app's ability to capture a maths problem via the lens, after which, the correct answer will be given.

In short, it's rather astonishing. Moreover, what is even better perhaps is the fact you can find out how the maths works. By pressing the "steps" button, you can get a set-by-step guide as to how the answer came about.

One thing the app does not yet support is handwritten mathematical problems. However, we imagine that sooner rather than later this will be more than possible.


OneShot for Screenshots

There are plenty of apps out there that allow you to take a screenshot of your smartphone and then send the image to friends and family members or share via social networks like Facebook or Twitter.

What sets OneShot apart from the rest of the pack is its focus. It isn't, for example, directed towards images. Instead, the prominence is on "text images".

So, when you comes across an article, you can, instead of sharing the entire thing, screenshot a part of it that you are particularly interested in and then crop it.

In other words, it allows you to get rid of superfluous text and then highlight parts of it that you want to draw particular emphasis to. And then, of course, it can be sent to whoever you want to send it to.


Electro Pad

A simple yet engaging music app, Electro Pad is a brilliant way of passing the time in a creative manner.

The name of the app gives away the type of tunes you'll be producing – electro. You get around 36 different sounds to play around with, which are accessed using rectangular and coloured tiles.

Brilliantly, the app allows you record your musical efforts, which can then be exported to, for example, SoundCloud. As such, all your friends and family members can listen to your compositions.

The team behind the app are keen to stress that Electro Pad is not designed for professional musicians and is instead aimed at  for novices, people "who want to have a mess around with some wobbly bass sounds".

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