A number of gadget lovers may have found an Apple iPhone in their stocking this Christmas and will be looking to personalise and improve their device with new accessories.

Those wanting to protect their new handset can choose from a number of cases which accommodate a range of tastes and needs.

Some provide added defence against falls and splashes, others have colourful and stylish patterns, while some can boost the battery or provide earphone storage space.

Touch-screens have revolutionised the mobile phone but they can become smeared with fingerprints – it could be worth investing in a special cleaning kit.

Owners can also use their gadget more comfortably in the cold by purchasing specialised gloves which have conductive material on the tips.

Those who like popular games like Draw Something or use other arty apps might also like to buy a stylus, which facilitates more precise screen navigation. 

Purchasing a stand could also make utilising mobile phone tools more convenient – watching videos in particular will be far more comfortable.

Posted by Claire Marshall

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