BBC shoot and edit tech show Click on mobiles

The team behind the BBC technology show Click have shot and edited an entire episode using their mobile phones and it was, according to lead presenter Spencer Kelly, “very stressful”.

They were attending the recent Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona and given that they were surrounded by and talking about mobile phones and the like, it seemed sensible to report, capture and share everything using these devices.

Writing for the broadcaster, Mr Kelly said that he believes this is the first time anything like this has been tried out, and, based on their experience, it isn’t that surprising. It was extremely difficult.

“Filming and editing a programme in five days is hard enough anyway, but to do it without the proper tools for the job is the idea of a maniac,” he said jokingly. “And his name is Simon Hancock. He may or may not still be our boss by the time you read this.”

However, while it proved to be something of a nightmare, the ambitious task did prove to be extremely insightful and with positive results. The phones, the tech expert outlined, “shot great video, did not run out of power or storage” and captured sound that was usable.

It must be noted though, that smartphone audio quality, as it stands, needs some work, because, on the whole, the mobiles that they used, while sophisticated in every regard, lacked the professional edge.

To get around this, they utilised the benefits of add-on hardware, which proved to be successful – this kind of kit can be found in stores and, with a bit of know-how, can be utilised in a very positive way.

Despite the challenges, Mr Kelly’s article highlights that the future of mobile phones is positive, with untold potential. In the not so distant future, there is every guarantee that your handheld device will be able to effortlessly capture broadcast quality images and sound.

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