Apple iPhone 5 owners can now download an update to the BBC iPlayer app, which will allow users to enjoy their favourite TV shows in widescreen.

The latest handset from the American manufacturer has a four-inch display, whereas previous models had 3.5-inch screens.

This means that applications optimised for the old mobile phones have black bars at each side to account for extra space.

However, some tools like iPlayer and Facebook have been adapted so that owners of the latest device can make the most of the larger Retina display.

The update also allows users to plug their smartphone into their television, so that they can watch downloaded or streamed shows on the box.

Apple iPad owners could already take advantage of this function, and catch up on episodes from series like Eastenders, Strictly Come Dancing and Top Gear that they had missed.

Mobile phone users can install the app for free by visiting the App Store, or alternatively download the update through iTunes.

Posted by Samantha Green

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