Banks to allow account access via fingerprints on smartphones

Times are changing, with news that two banks in the UK are to allow people to use their fingerprint recognition technology on their smartphones to gain access to their accounts. This is thought to be the first time anything like this has been possible in the country.

NatWest and RBS are to make this possible on Apple devices at first, as its Touch ID capabilities are some of the best in the world.

Firstly, customers will have to sign up to use the service using personal and security information. After this point, entering in details will no longer be necessary, the very fact that your fingerprint is unique to you will be enough of a security measure.

If, for whatever reason, you fail to enter into your account using your fingerprint on three occasions, you will have to re-enter your passcode.

However, others still need to be convinced that this is a failsafe and more efficient option for customers, as even Apple has admitted, for example, that Touch ID is not a complete replacement for so-called traditional security measures.

Speaking to the BBC, Ben Schlabs, project manager at the hacking think tank SRLabs, said the security implications were just the same as it was before.

"It is just as dangerous … I think it has been shown that it is pretty easy to spoof it and the risks aren't fully understood," he explained.

"Just the fact that you are carrying the key around with you and leave copies of it exposed everywhere you go makes it a very different risk to something that is inside your brain. The risks are poorly understood."ADNFCR-2155-ID-801776052-ADNFCR

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