A new application for Apple‘s latest phones could win over users in the same way micro blogging website Twitter did, it has been suggested.

Consumer watchdog Which? has pointed out that with celebrity advocates like Stephen Fry, the social networking site has become a great success – and this could also happen with AudioBoo.

The application, which records audio blog entries of up to three minutes, has been adopted by the writer and TV personality in a move that could see it become the next thing to “benefit from the Stephen Fry phenomenon”.

Launched last month, the clips – or ‘Boos’ – are recorded directly to the handset and can be linked to images, tags or geographic locations using the iPhone’s GPS technology.

Technical expert at Which? Al Warman said: “Podcasts are immensely popular and short audio blogs may build on that popularity. They also have the potential to be the next step in the evolution of news reporting.”

Other famous Twitter users include Jonathon Ross, David Lynch and Ashton Kutcher.

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