An increasing number of consumers may decide to trade-in their mobile phone and switch to a tablet device in the coming years, as the advantages of the handsets become clearer.

Richard Sharp, editor of, says the tablet market remains in its “infancy”, with plenty of expansion to come.

He was speaking after BlackBerry showed off its new PlayBook model into the market, which is similar to a portable computer and is due to be available in 2011.

“Many analysts believe that the tablet market will be worth $40 billion [£25 billion] by the end of 2011. This shows there is plenty more tablets on the scene in the near future,” Mr Sharp notes.

Mobile customers who find their demands are more suited to such a design could trade-in their phone and join the tablet revolution.

Michael Dell, chief executive officer of Dell, last week unveiled the firm’s prototype of a seven-inch tablet device it intends to launch.

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