Consumers might now rate apps as more important than any other feature of a phone when it comes to trading in mobiles.

Forrester’s George Colony has been conducting a poll over the last few weeks that asked users of tablet devices to reveal whether they preferred to spend time using apps or the web.

Previous research by the group has suggested that it is the internet that remains a favourite pastime for owners.

But Mr Colony has revealed that this survey has seen the balance tipped, as 39 per cent said they prefer apps and only 29 per cent would rather use the internet, with the remainder undecided.

The author of The Counterintuitive CEO blog went on to suggest that the reasons behind the rise of apps include “better experience, speed [and] ease of use”.

Marvel Comics recently announced it has launched its own app that allows users to access stores of comics featuring some of the country’s most popular superheroes.

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