Trading-in a mobile phone and splashing out on a smartphone capable of operating apps may be an attractive option to plenty of consumers.

And those who have already made the move to one of the market's latest devices are making the most of their access to downloads, if new research if anything to go by.

Adam, author of the Nokia Conversations blog, details the results of a poll held recently by the online publication to determine how many apps people are downloading.

The most popular answer from respondents was between six and 15 over a three-month period, with 32 per cent opting for this category.

But many are downloading even more, with 16 per cent suggesting they added more than 30 apps during the same time.

Those interested in apps, whether for information or entertainment, may wish to switch to a Nokia or Apple handset, with both firms offering their own app stores.

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Posted by Sarah James

Written by Mazuma

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