Apple has been criticised by its rivals for not innovating the design of its mobile phones in the last few releases, which may be the reason the company is dropping in the market.

It recently reported its first profit loss since the iPhone was initially released.

It's still fairly likely the next handset we see from the company will be the 5S model rather than the 6, although some people have predicted the contrary, there has been little evidence to say it's true.

The iPhone 5S will sport a Super-HD display and camera, according to reports that emerged last year. It's also been reported that the device will have Retina+ Sharp display and run iOS 7.

It isn't expected to be too different from the iPhone 5, but should sport a better camera and faster processor and maybe a more powerful battery.

The handset could be released as early as next month but it's more likely to be September/October time, which would fit with previous release patterns and could fit in with the release of fingerprint technology.

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