In just a few hours, Tim Cook and his team at Apple will be taking to a stage in New York in one of the biggest mobile phone events of the year. It will be the climax of months of rumours, alleged leaks and speculation and people around the world will finally get to see what the company has up its sleeve.

However, we do have a few ideas about what the chief executive may have prepared for the big day.

The headliner of the event is expected to be the launch of Apple's next flagship, the iPhone 5S. Although it's not expected to bring any big steps in innovation, it will more than likely still have people queuing around the block to get a look at it.

Many are expecting to see the unveiling of the budget-friendly and brightly-coloured iPhone 5C which was heavily-hinted at with the company's invitation to the event which promised to "brighten up your day".

It's also thought that we could see an update on the next operating system to come from the Cupertino company, iOS7, which is expected to land over the next few weeks and should be on Apple's iPhone 5S.

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