Aside from the release of the greatly anticipated iPhone 6, Apple’s latest update, the iOS 8, is now available to download. Excitingly enough, it can be used across all of Apple’s devices from the iPhone 4S to the iPad 2.

The iOS 8 interface may look like its predecessor, but there are a number of brand new, fantastic features that Apple fans are sure to love, namly the ability to see which apps are draining the battery. Not only does the iOS 8 display the percentage of battery each app has used in order, it also shows the user the reason behind it, for example it may say ‘background activity’.

Alongside this handy feature, iOS 8 also offers those who download it the opportunity to recover any cherished photos or videos that have been deleted by accident with the new ‘Recently Deleted’ folder. This feature also works for any apps that have been deleted. However, images that have been deleted for a while will automatically be removed from the folder.

Perhaps unsurprising to the lover of the selfie and all things Instagram, the iPhone is one of the most used cameras nowadays, which means that the iOS 8’s camera app is going to excite a number of people. In fact, Apple has added a time-lapse camera mode to iOS 8 beta 1, which allows the user to capture extended moments and speed up what is on the video screen with a higher frame rate.

A time-lapse camera mode isn’t the only interesting feature that involves the camera, as the iOS 8 now helps making online purchases easier by using a photo of the user’s credit card. The device saves card details by scanning them through a photo that has to be taken with the device. If the user is then shopping on a website, an option to scan a card via taking a picture will appear, making the purchase a bit more straightforward, although, for security reasons, the CCV number will still have to be input for the transaction.

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