The Skype application for use with the Apple iPhone 3G is ideal for those who use the device for international calls, it has been suggested.

According to the Trusted Reviews site, the web-based calling facility was one of the most “eagerly anticipated” arrivals on the App Store and although it has some faults, it could provide a cheap solution for some.

The software was put to the test in a new article for the site in which Niall Magennis highlighted the similarities between the app and Apple’s dialler facility – stating they are “almost identical”.

He added: “This version is very useful when you want to make cheaper calls abroad and blends in beautifully in terms of design with the iPhone’s own mobile calling features.”

Mr Magennis adds similar offerings such as Truphone have been available for the iPhone for a while, but the large existing Skype user base will aid its popularity.

However, he concludes that although useful and well designed, the application is “not the best version of Skype”.

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