Apple has presented the court with a huge 132-page internal Samsung document that had been translated from Korean, which showed the firm comparing the iPhone with its own device.

This is the latest twist in the running legal battle between the two companies in which Apple claims that Samsung infringed its patents with the design of some of its mobile phones.

Indeed, Apple was even granted a pre-trial injunction banning the sales of both the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Nexus in the US.

The presentation of this document, which is a 132-page document comparing every inch of the iPhone with an early Galaxy S device, follows claims from graphic designer Susan Kare that the products were “confusingly similar”.

Apple believes this document backs up its allegations that Samsung copied its work on the iPhone.

However, Samsung has previously conceded that it looked closely at what Apple was doing but it contended that this was because the firm is a rival rather than anything more back-handed.

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