Mobile phone innovator Apple has released information about yet another patent the company have filed. The technology allows users to download music without needing an internet connection.

The new iTunes would store top recommended songs on your smartphone or tablet, but lock them until you choose to “buy” or not.

In order to purchase the music, customers would need pre-paid credit on the account or it will tell users they have “insufficient credit – please connect to the internet to purchase this song”.

The device will decide what music to save depending on how much space you have and how much credit you have on your account. Obviously the technology still relies on customers having access to an internet connection at some point, but it opens up the possibility that people could download music anywhere even on planes and underground.

From the patent snippets available it seems that iTunes would choose the current chart toppers to save to your phone rather than basing it on your recent listening patterns, which appears to make more sense.

It’s possible that Apple’s latest invention could be linked with the iRadio streaming service that is rumoured to be launching soon.

Posted by Claire Marshall

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