It seems that Apple has been planning and producing its next mobile phone for ages but now we appear to have a date for when the company will release, not one, but two new smartphones.

Both the budget iPhone and the iPhone 5S are expected to arrive on September 18th, with the former coming in a range of bright colours.

However, both products are thought to be updated versions of the iPhone 5 rather than brand new, innovative smartphones in their own right – which may disappoint some Apple users.

According to CurrentEditorials, September 18th will be the day that both handsets are unveiled but customers will have to wait until the 27th to get their hands on either device. However, it’s unclear at this stage whether or not this date is just for US residents and further details on global release dates are unknown.

The budget iPhone is expected to arrive at around £227, but with a two-year contract this will cost you just £65.

However Apple is yet to confirm anything, especially release dates, so we’ll just have to wait.

Posted by Samantha Green

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