Apple has launched a new page on its website called “Why iPhone” in an attempt to show customers why the handset is still the best mobile phone around.

It may be that Apple just want to steal some of Samsung’s limelight, ahead of the release of their Galaxy S4, or it may show a much deeper concern from the company that people are turning away from its iPhone to purchase one of the numerous feature-packed Android phones available.

The page runs the header “There’s iPhone. And then there’s everything else.” it then carries on to list not only the reasons Apple customers say they love the iPhone, but also the awards that the company have won for its smartphone devices.

It also lists features that the iPhone has that no other smartphone is yet to apply. Features like the retina display and battery life which could be integral to potential customers when deciding to choose their next mobile phone to buy.

Apple uses twelve slides to help explain why the iPhone is better than the rest, delivering the best service available, on the smartest technology. There is no news about what price range the new Samsung Galaxy S4 will be so it is difficult to make direct comparisons between the two phones.

Posted by Claire Marshall

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