With many of the latest phones – like the Apple iPhone 3G – focusing on design, users could identify with the results of a new study.

The research, conducted by Microsoft, asked over 1,000 people what they thought about gadgets and how they relate to personal style.

It was revealed almost half of those asked now think a trendy gadget is a more fashionable option than the latest apparel or a new haircut.

A further 40 per cent agreed it had become significantly more important to be seen with the most up-to-date electrical items in the last five years.

“As people use technology on the go – and therefore in front of others – this increases the role that technology plays in one’s image and therefore places a far greater importance on having the right-looking gadgets,” the report noted.

The news may tempt those with old handsets to recycle used mobiles in order to fund one of the more recent, fashion-focused models.

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