People who trade-in their mobile in the new year and decide to invest in an Apple iPhone may be wise to take note of what one expert deems to be the top apps of 2010.

Ronny Kerr, writing for Vator News, explains there have been plenty of great releases – both free and with a price tag – over the last 12 months.

He starts by naming Logitech's Touch Mouse app, which has the ability to turn an iPhone into a wireless keypad.

Another free download is the official Twitter tool – something Mr Kerr admits may be "too obvious" but is a must-have nonetheless.

Google Voice is another to meet with the writer's approval, as he claims it has excellent voicemail specifications, while Audiogalaxy Mobile is a great choice for those who like to stream music.

Transport website recently recommended the Bike Hub app, which acts as a sat nav system for cyclists.

Posted by Samantha Green

Written by Mazuma

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