Those considering recycling mobile phones to purchase an Apple iPhone 3G S may be interested in some recent reviews of the games available for it.

According to Pocket Gamer, Gomi is a title that is unlike any other but may remind people of console titles like Super Mario Galaxy.

In an article for the site, Spanner Spencer looked at the pros and cons of the new game and said although it borrows elements from other things, it could be seen as "an essential addition" to any iPhone user’s collection.

"The jam-packed complexity of the world you initially enter is gradually transformed into a peaceful, natural realm as you go to work, offering a sense of supreme wellbeing as the levels roll past," he explained.

Also this week, the site looked at 10 Pin Shuffle, a bowling title which has been launced on the same platform, stating that although it lacks an online option, it could be great for casual players looking to pass some time.

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