The huge range of apps available for the Apple iPhone could mean that consumers choose it over Google’s new Nexus One handset, it has been suggested.

Both handsets could prove to be upgrade options for people looking to trade in a used mobile phone.

Conrad Longmore, editor at Mobile Gazette, said: "What will probably drive user acceptance of Android will be the growing maturity of the platform, rather than any one killer device."

However he added that the launch of Google’s Nexus One smartphone could be a "game changer" and current partners may not be happy to see Google as a potential competitor, which he stated is a situation that Microsoft has always been careful to avoid with Windows Mobile.

Google have suggested that the Nexus One is the first in what it expects to be a series of products which it will bring to market with its operator and hardware partners and sell through its online store.

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Posted by Dan Latham

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