The Skype application for devices running the Apple iOS operating system, like the iPhone 5, has now reached over 120 million downloads.

Mobile phone owners can save substantial amounts of money by installing the free tool and signing up to the service.

Skype is one of the most popular VoIP providers, offering users the chance to call or message friends and family through the internet.

Calling member-to-member is free, but people can also call mobile phone and landline numbers for a relatively low rate.

The company has released an updated version of the application along with this announcement – version 4.2.1.

New users are now able to create an account straight from the app, eliminating the need to fill in the form on the website.

Updates to the instant messaging function also mean that users can edit what they have typed, perhaps to correct typos, and send emoticons along with the text.

Posted by Claire Marshall

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