A BBC News app for the Apple iPhone has been released, in a move that may please many mobile phone users.

But those without one of the revolutionary handsets may be best advised to recycle an old mobile and put the cash towards an iPhone.

Erik Huggers, director of BBC Future Media and Technology, writing for the news source’s blog, says the “first-class journalist” that is the corporation’s trademark will now be available in the most simple of ways.

“The rapid growth of internet-connected mobiles and smartphones in the market means we can cost-effectively provide our content and services on these devices,” he explains.

Mr Huggers adds the app will be available to BlackBerry and Android mobile phone users at a later date.

Some 1.7 million iPhone 4s were sold across five countries within three days of its release last month, meaning there are plenty of consumers ready to enjoy the BBC’s latest content.

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