Waking up may never be as much fun as it is with an Apple iPhone, after one publication highlighted some of the model’s top alarm sounds.

Amy-Mae Elliott, writing for USA Today, says the first sound to look out for is the standard radio alert.

This allows people to start their day to the station of their choice, with the author stating users “really do get what [they] pay for with this app”.

There is also the Nightstand Centre feature, which includes information such as date, time, location and a flip clock.

Other alarms and clock functions to win the approval of Ms Elliott are the iFlipClock Plus, Alarm Clock Pro and the simply-named The Alarm Clock.

Individuals who rely on being up at a certain time each morning may find it is just a little easier to manage through the winter with the help of an Apple iPhone and associated apps.

Android developers recently confirmed the operating system had reached the landmark figures of 100,000 apps, although it still trails the amount offered by the iPhone.

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