Those who have recently recycled their phone and replaced it with a brand new Apple iPhone 3G may have an opinion on a recent judgment from the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

An advert for the handset pointed out various apps that can be downloaded to help with everyday tasks.

But ten viewers asked whether the voice-over quote – “there’s an app for just about anything. Only on the iPhone” – misled people, because the T Mobile G1 also provides such a service.

However, Apple pointed out that while its App Store offers more than 50,000 applications in 88 countries, the G1’s portfolio numbers about 2,100 in nine regions.

“We concluded the claim “Only on the iPhone” was justified and not misleading,” the ASA said.

“User-experience of the iPhone and the app store was distinct from its competitor.”

Last month saw the manufacturer unveil the latest incarnation of the handset – the 3G S.

It was described as the most powerful yet, with over 100 features.

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