Mobile phone owners could increase their chance of sticking to New Year's resolutions by downloading helpful tools from the App Store or Google Play.

Both Apple iPhone and Android device users can install MyFitnessPal for free if they would like to shed the pounds next year.

The app gives users access to a large food database, which allows them to easily track their calorie consumption.

People looking to lose weight or improve health could also use MapMyFitness to track their physical activity levels and calculate energy burned during exercise.

Giving up smoking is also a common resolution, and those with an iOS device can install an NHS app which provides support and advice to those kicking the habit.

Android tool Quit Smoking claims to "gradually wean you from dependency on cigarettes" by providing a step-down program.

There are also many apps available for those who have vowed to learn French, practice piano or enrol in a local educational class.

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