Certain listings have revealed that the next mobile phone from Apple could be the iPhone 6 and not the 5S, which would follow the company’s previous model pattern.

A till system at Vodafone UK showed a product listing under the name of “4G iPhone 6” which was photographed and sent to technology website Stuff. The listing has since been removed so it is hard to say one way or the other.

Obviously, when a chain has a product listed it generally indicates that they are expecting to receive the item.

If this is true it could be quite a shock for people in the technology field as it goes against Apple’s record.

The company’s S models are usually improvements of past models, rather than sporting any new innovative features. It could be an attempt by Apple to try and re-establish itself in the market by skipping the updated S model in favour of a more impressive iPhone 6.

However, it could just be someone who was misinformed making an mistake on the product listing.

Posted by Claire Marshall

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