Rumours circulating about the inclusion of fingerprint scanning technology on the next Apple iPhone release have been revisited following a new strain of speculation.

Taiwanese firm Chipbond is allegedly producing hardware required for this technology on behalf of the American mobile phone manufacturer, according to the China Times.

Just last month, it was reported that a security flaw on the current range of handsets allowed hackers to bypass passcode requests and unlock iPhones.

Many owners expressed concern about the safety of information, such as credit card details, on their device.

Inclusion of this advanced biometrics measure is likely to offer buyers added peace of mind, since it should give added protection.

The scanner will reportedly be located next to the home button, allowing approved users to quickly and conveniently unlock the gadget.

Speculation also suggests that it would be used alongside near field communication (NFC) technology in order to give shoppers more confidence in making contactless payments.

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