The latest addition from mobile phone manufacturer Apple could be officially announced in June and on shelves by July.

Rumours have been circulating for a while that the Apple iPhone 5S will be in shops by summer, but a specific date has been released as June 20th by Macfan magazine.

The date is less than three months away and would fall on a Thursday, an odd day to announce a new product.

However, this could be credible as rival Samsung released its Galaxy S4 on March 14th which was also a Thursday.

According to the rumours by Macfan the iPhone 5S will go on sale in July and will be followed by a budget iPhone, intended for developing countries, which is expected to be on sale by August this year.

It is still unclear whether the low-cost device will be the rumoured iPhone mini or not. There is also still a chance that Apple could surprise customers and leap straight to the iPhone 6, abandoning its usual 'S' model.

Apple is yet to confirm or deny any of the rumours and users will just have to wait to see what June 20th brings.

Posted by Simon Thomas

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