Release of the latest Apple iPhone 5 handset on September 21st seems to be the motivation behind a 33 per cent surge in October application purchasing.

The expenditure required by developers to acquire a loyal customer also fell by six per cent to $1.06 (£0.66), so marketing in this month was much more cost-effective.

Customers lined up as usual outside Apple retail stores across the world on the release day, and the manufacturer sold five million units of its new mobile phone in the opening weekend.

This huge rush of consumers meant that thousands of people visited the virtual App Store in the following weeks, building their games and tools library.

“Organic searches soared as users around the world actively explored […] searching out new apps for their new iPhones,” said Fiksu chief executive Micah Adler.

Some of the most widely downloaded apps may have been for social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, and people undoubtedly installed popular games like Angry Birds.

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