More than four million iPhone 4S mobiles have been sold by Apple since the product was released on Friday (October 14th).

This means the total snapped up by consumers on the first weekend is more than double the number recorded when its predecessor, the iPhone 4, was launched last year.

Although there has been a little disappointment that the exterior design of the 4S is the same as the 4, a raft of new features have more than made up for it.

Colin Gillis, an analyst at BGC Partners, said: "The company has to constantly set records just to meet expectations."

This is exactly what it has now done and could lead to more people selling their mobiles in order to raise the funds to pay for an iPhone 4S.

Apple confirmed the release of the device earlier this month and said it will boast more than 200 new features compared to previous models.

Posted by Peter Robinson

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