The Apple iPhone 4 will be available for free on many two-year contracts following the discontinuation of the iPhone 3GS.

As the technology giant gets ready to release its latest handset, the iPhone 5, on September 21st, the smartphone's predecessors move one rung down the ladder.

Reports say that Apple will no longer manufacture the third generation handset (iPhone 3GS). Some may be available for a short time in other retailers but the company no longer stocks the mobile phone in its own stores.

This means that the fourth generation smartphone (iPhone 4) will take its place as the 'free' option on two-year contracts with network providers.

As the fifth generation (iPhone 4S) mobile loses its spot as the latest Apple offering, better deals should be available with this gadget too.

Prices of both the iPhone 4 and 4S SIM-free options will see a drop as they start to lose customers to the latest device.

Posted by Claire Marshall

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